for purpose-driven, overwhelmed women in business

You have the business, the customers, maybe even the team, but most importantly, you have the drive + passion! So what’s holding you back from reaching your goals? It’s probably the same thing that’s causing you stress and worry over daily tasks + to do's – the back-end of your business.

We're here to help take a closer look at the operations of your business so you can build the foundation it needs to be successful.  

consulting + implementation 

Supporting small businesses with the strategy + systems needed to efficiently run the “behind the scenes” work ~ that's what we do. Why do we geek out to this part of the business? Because we truly believe it's where the magic really happens! 

As our client, we link arms with you to become your trusted right-hand. With fresh eyes and over two decades of experience, we design a game plan for the operations of your business, and support you along the implementation process if needed. 

We know you started your business with a passion and a purpose. Focusing on streamlining some of your operations allows you to more fully embrace that passion without being weighed down with out-of-date processes, or maybe no processes at all {no judgment ~ been there, done that}. 

Handing you a strategic plan and saying “Good luck!” isn’t our style. We want to be in the trenches with you ~ that’s why the heart of what we do is based on meeting you where you're at. 

A Dreamer + A Doer is here to help bring the vision of your business to life. 


is a dreamer + a doer the right fit for you?

that you're constantly overwhelmed and weighed down by a never-ending to do list?

do you find...

slowed down by out of date and/or undocumented processes? 

are you...

to stress less?
to grow your business?
to be more present in the here + now?

do you want...

consulting Services

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Payment for this consult is due in full at the time of booking.



This consult is designed to get everything related to your business needs + goals out of your head and create an implementable plan on paper. Your 'Next Steps Strategy' will be delivered to your inbox within 5 business days so you {and if applicable, your team} can begin implementing your grow-forward plan, starting with those top 1-3 areas of focus that are needed to move the needle forward.


Initial 2-hour Brain Dump Consult over Zoom or in-person

Customized Next Steps Strategy tailored to fit your business needs + goals

what's included

Brain Dump Strategy Session



This is a monthly investment. 6 month commitment required. Monthly auto payment required. 

This package is an extention of our Brain Dump Strategy which is a requirement before moving forward with this service.

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Next Step

- Brooke Winings

"my purpose is to serve the woman i used to be" 

As driven, working women, who lead in so many areas of our life, it's hard to show up as one person {who seemingly feels like she has to have it all together all the time}. Whole-Person Development Coaching was designed with this exact woman in mind. This coaching + mentoring program is designed to support the ambitious, success-minded, people-pleasing, tired, procrastinating, and heart-centered woman in ALL areas of her business + life. 


Onboarding assessment to understand current life + business situation, goals, strengths, weaknesses, and challenges 

Collaboratively set clear, achievable, and meaningful short-term and long-term goals for both business + personal

1-hour coaching sessions bi-weekly over the phone or in-person to provide ongoing support + guidance around any or all of the following:
  • Business Development
  • Personal Growth
  • Time Management + Productivity
  • Budgeting + Financial Planning
  • Accountability

Post-Session Accountability, Action Plans, and Progress Tracking

Coach provided resources

Coworking + Networking Opportunities

what's included

Whole_Person Development Coaching

This is a monthly investment. 3 month commitment required to begin. Monthly auto payment required.


Initial 2-hour Kick-Off Consult

Customized growth strategy tailored to your business + goals

(2) 2-hour Done With You strategy + implementation sessions per month w/ the  Dreaming + Doing team

Unlimited support in-between sessions with our team 

what's included

'done with You' consulting


Schedule your Brain Dump

Next Step

This package is an extention of our Brain Dump Strategy which is a requirement before moving forward with this service.

Side-by-side expertise, plus time + accountability on the calendar every month to create and implement a strategy custom designed to improve the back-end operations of your business ~ including business growth & sustainability, client experience, finances, marketing, process/SOP development, and a safe place to discuss, learn, and grow along the way! 


CLIENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ~ get the full details here
EMAIL MARKETING ~ get the full details here
PROJECT MANAGEMENT ~ get the full details here

Full-Service Implementations take an average of 60-90 days.  50% deposit required at time of contract signing.


Custom full-service design + implementation of selected system(s)

Strategic onboarding, detailed + efficient implementation, hands-on training + supportive offboarding.  

30 days of email support after offboarding is complete

systems we implement

'done For You' System Implementation


starting at

what's included

Schedule your Brain Dump

Next Step

This package is an extention of our Brain Dump Strategy which is a requirement before moving forward with this service.

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Business Administration + Organization
Change Management
Financial Management
Interim Leadership
Market Research
Marketing Strategy + Support
Process Optimization
Project Management
Strategic Planning
Team Management
Technology Integration
Vendor + Supplier Management
6 Month Agreement

Your Interim COO

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