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we help  
create processes + systems that support their business + life...

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A Dreamer + A Doer works with Chief Everything Officer's who are tired of the overwhelm and chaos and are ready to invest in support + systems for their business to keep it growing forward. 

You don't know which area of your life to focus on first because you're passionate {and maybe even equally frustrated} about all of it ~ you're basically just rollin' with the punches at this point. Sweet friend, I'm right there with ya', and A Dreamer + A Doer is here to support you. We'll cheer you on, provide a fresh perspective and a plan of action, but we'll also love you enough to deliver some hard truths along the way that will move you from where you're at to where you want to be.

Together, let's create and implement the processes and systems needed to make room for more dreaming and doing.


Consultant, biz mentor, & productivity maven for purpose driven, hard-working CEOs

Consultant, biz mentor, & productivity maven
for purpose driven, hard-working CEOs

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Stranger Things


what's your favorite tv show?

My favorite tv show is...


It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year, but...I'll be there for you 

what's your favorite food?




i love them all,
but My favorite is...

A cheeseburger all day long!

with ketchup and pickles...and a side of sweet potato fries!

what is your favorite sport?




My favorite sport is...


I'm a mom of 3 boys ~ I love all things sports, but baseball wins my heart!

Successful Women Made Here

You'll get top-rate personal service from Brooke and A Dreamer and a Doer. Everything Brooke does is professional, well-written, and organized. It all has a purpose, too. Brooke is an ideal team player - I couldn't have done this particular project without her! Regarding my own business, she helped me see the structure and financial setup.

"Everything Brooke does is professional, well-written, and organized."

Sonal Shetzwahari

Now, I can make it a habit to use Dubsado to send my emails and attachments. But, most importantly, I can keep track of my projects, wins, and sending the contracts etc. to clients. It just seems to flow and be so much smoother than before we met! And I am sure I will invest in you more once I start earning!!!

"One of my best business investments so far!"

stage2 marketing

Her guidance and suggestions helped make Stage2 a more productive and effective team.

"I adored working with you and I miss you!"

Unified Solution

Brooke is so professional, always has a smile on her face, and has an amazing ability to take my vision and bring it to life. She is thorough, diligent, and ensures that every detail is handled perfectly. Brooke has so many talents and takes genuine joy in helping others succeed.

"I would not have been able to expand into the offices we currently have without Brooke's help."

Pink Elephant Home

If you're launching a business or need to fine-tune your existing business, do not hesitate to work with Brooke! She's a great listener, a fast study of your particular business, and quick to implement processes that make your day-to-day super-efficient. Doesn't hurt that she is also very personable and down to earth!

"Do not hesitate to work with Brooke!"

Andrea Arnold

It was so nice to have Brooke's input and feedback on the flow of remodel projects. She helped in picking out paint colors, and I appreciated being able to text her different things to get her opinion. She sent me a list of possible decor/furniture items for each room.

"It was so nice to have Brooke's input and feedback on the flow of remodel projects."


With recommendations from Brooke, we were able to open a business bank account, make a plan for our business, have our 2016-2018 taxes amended, save thousands of dollars and add a small shop to our business endeavor!

"With recommendations from Brooke, we were able to save thousands of dollars."