a dreamer + a doer is on a mission to help you simplify AND FIND CONTENTMENT IN your business and LIFE

So, I created a plan, surrounded myself with people who believed in me, and discovered I was far more gifted at what I bring to the table than I was giving myself credit for.

But the fear of not pursuing something bigger was far greater...

i was a burned out, unmotivated, Corporate climber ~ fearful of leaving the only thing i really knew

...and now I get to use my gifts and organizational talents to connect with equally passionate individuals. It’s life-giving to come alongside others on their journey to success.

I know God has allowed these successes and failures as a part of my story, so I can be of encouragement to others. I do so through consulting, mentoring, speaking, and writing.

I support others in taking action on their vision and discovering their why, so we can create a road map for success in their how. A Dreamer + A Doer was founded in August 2017 for this purpose. 

My mission is to live ambitiously and inspire others to do the same. There is nothing I love more than supporting and being a witness to friends on a mission - those courageously going after the things that light their soul on fire. 

I am blessed to be the wife to one hard-workin', big-hearted man, and a mama to three pretty incredible boys. I geek out to books on self-development and heart-centered business success - I'm an Enneagram 3. ​ Simply stated, my passion is in the details.

As a multi-passionate soul, my drive comes from the feeling I receive when serving others.

After 17 years of living that corporate life, I felt called to use my experience, talents, and passions to come alongside other driven women, because life is not meant to be done alone. I have weathered storms of all sorts on my personal and professional journey. 

Creating space and accountability for clients to focus and ease into change

Being super detailed and organized. A place for everything and everything in its place

The MANY different types of programs we've learned and helped implement over the years

Ability to develop a strategic plan that gets you back to doing the things you love  

What we're known for:

Romans 8:28

We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.

AD+AD has grown to a team of 4 and we get to come alongside women all over the world to organize and implement solutions that  help simplify the way they build their business, manage their money, and love themselves in the process.


Our CEO left the corporate climb to pursue her passion for helping and inspiring others 


Brooke looked successful & happy on the outside, but the inside was another story


Learned how powerful money can be when stewarded well


Landed what she thought would be her forever career


Our CEO started the first leg of her career at age 19


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I love Jesus a whole lot! My story didn't make sense to me until my early thirties, but ever since I started learning {and trusting} how God can turn some pretty hard things into  something beautiful, I was all in.


My favorite way to unwind is laying in the bed, book in hand, and Friends on in the background.


I may be a Midwest Hoosier, but my heart and soul is country through and through (I get it from my mama)


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