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We will use reasonable care in the performance of all of our duties. We will not accept responsibility for damage to a client’s personal property that is not the direct result of our negligence.

If applicable, clients are responsible for communicating their expectations and any areas that should not be touched or moved. 

In fulfillment of our organizing services, clients agree to hold us harmless and give us full discretion in the removal and disposal of papers, files and/or other property belonging to the client.

reasonable care

Both the Consultant/Organizer and the Client shall have the right to terminate the business relationship at any time, provided that proper notice is given when canceling an appointment.

In the unlikely event that the Consultant/Organizer is injured or becomes too ill to perform services, the Consultant will make every effort to accommodate the Client to reschedule the appointment. If the situation should occur and the Client is unable or wishes not to reschedule, responsibility and liability are limited to the return of any payments received for the unfulfilled scope of the agreement.


Clients agree to all compensation terms: payment in advance, cancellation fee, methods of payment we accept, late fees, bounced check fees and cost of collection.


For hourly consulting/organization: Services will not begin until any necessary deposit has been paid in full. From there, all hourly fee-based scope will be billed at the rate as specified on the accepted Proposal. Invoices are submitted on the first of each month for the month prior and will be due on or before the 15th of the same month (excludes projects/services with set package pricing that require payment in full prior to the start of the project).

For package/project pricing: Package/Project scope of services will not begin until the payment for services has been received in full (excludes hourly consulting/organizing services).

If needed, an additional flat rate shopping fee of $75.00 (in addition to the cost of the supplies) will be charged to the Client for any supplies purchased by the Consultant/Organizer for the scope of the Client's home and/or office project(s).

A travel fee of $0.50 per mile will be charged for any appointments more than 30 miles from the Consultant/Organizer's office.


Given the sensitive nature of our work and the high level of trust it requires of the client, all clients can be assured of absolute privacy when and after working with A Dreamer + A Doer.

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A signed contract is required at the start of any new project or consultation. Services will not begin until the contract is complete. In some circumstances, we may request a deposit or a retainer before confirming appointments or providing services.

All appointments will be set on mutual agreement.

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