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frequently asked questions

how did you get started as a consultant?

I spent 17 years climbing the corporate ladder, 18 months dreaming, researching, and hustling...and the rest is still in the making. 

where are you located?

Home Base:
Indianapolis, IN

Serving clients worldwide

when is your next live event?

Stay tuned, we're planning some fun events coming Fall/Winter 2020

Where are your favorite places to hang on social?

In order of preference:
{see above for links}

what is whole-life organization™?

Simply put, it's organizing your business, your home, and your finances, but more than anything it is a mindset shift. It takes us from seeing organizing as a thing we do, and moves us towards contentment with what we have, and pursuing the heart-driven dreams of what we desire. 

what books do you recommend?

Coming Soon, you'll be able to find some of my most favorite resources that have helped me along the way here.