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Dreaming + Doing implementation


Maybe you’re ready to transition your side hustle to a full-time income source. Or maybe, you’ve been secretly plotting to leave the corporate world behind to start your own venture that really lights your soul on fire {been there🙋‍♀️}. Or maybe, you’re already knee-deep in the trenches of running your business, but you find yourself struggling to gain traction and are tired of burning the candle from both ends…INSERT BURN OUT HERE.

No matter where you're at {or if you’re somewhere in between} me, there is HOPE. And it all starts with tightening, refining, and streamlining your business operations. There’s a good chance you already know this is what your business needs, but navigating a starting point is too much for your already full plate.   


And friend, it breaks my heart everytime. I see countless female business owners with purpose-driven missions fail to fully launch their idea or stall out after a couple of years. Not because they lack passion or vision {NO shortage of that}. But because…the foundation of their business isn’t sustainable.


With over two decades of experience around all things operations, I left my corporate career behind to step into a space where I can support other women do more of what they love and less of what they don’t ~ I get to help them go from overwhelmed to organized.

Stop spinning your wheels with a lack of back-of-house organization.

We're putting the 'work' back in 'Workshop'...


with dedicated time for you to implement what you've learned and know what you need to do

Save time and energy by learning from experts instead of constantly Googling for answers or buying {and never using} another course.

Gain confidence in how you run your business {from finances, marketing, process improvement, + more}.

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Time to Implement | First, we will work together to identify the core values and mission statement for your business. Then, we will determine what SOPs you need in your business. You’ll have the afternoon to document them and create a game plan for what support you might need in your business ~ whether now or in the future.

Time to Learn | What are SOPs {Standard Operating Procedures} + all the things that come with it, like team onboarding and business development? A local business development expert will be joining us to teach us about referral networking and why it is the best way to organically grow our businesses.

Growing Forward ~ getting help in your business + growing your network

Time to Implement | Create your ideal calendar, brain-dump and categorize ALL of those to-do’s living in your head. Then, choose + implement a project management tool to help keep you on track and/or delegate as needed.

Time to Learn | What are the processes + tools I need to streamline and automate the back-end of my business? 

Managing Time + Tasks with Technology
{aka project management in your business}

We will focus on what + who we need to grow our business forward.

Tools for Growing Your Biz

Time to Implement | Create your own content calendar for the rest of the year ~ we’ll choose the best platform/posting software and use it to get your June content ready to go.

Time to Learn | Do I have to use social media in my business? Which platform should I be using and how can I more effectively plan and craft social media content {+ why planning ahead of time with social media is KEY}?

Demystifying Social Media Marketing

Time to Implement | Craft your own email marketing strategy ~ choosing a platform if you don’t have one, adding/updating your contacts, mapping out a welcome sequence, writing copy, etc. Then we put it all into action by launching that first ever {or maybe reengagement} email to your audience!

Time to Learn | How do I leverage email in my business + which platforms and tools can help me achieve the results I'm looking for? 

Tackling Email Marketing with a Strategic Approach 

We will pivot to fine tune our marketing efforts across the board ~ it’s more than just posting a picture or sending out an email blast. Let’s strategize + optimize! 

All Things Digital Marketing

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Time to Implement | Set up {or polish an existing} CRM! Having an organized CRM is a critical back-end operation, so we take the time to strategically set it up.

Time to Learn | What is Customer Relationship Management {aka CRM} technology? How can I use it to help maintain relationships with my clients?

Time to Implement | Get mapping! We will look at how your customers interact with your business from start to finish + see what areas might need improved along the way.

Time to Learn | What is a customer journey? More importantly, what is my customer’s journey + how do I make it the most effective to land clients?

Leveraging a CRM 

Mapping Your Customer Journey from Lead to Offboarding {and beyond}

in June we'll take a hard look at someone who’s pretty important to your business…your clients + customers!

This is a big one {obviously}, so it gets a little extra love and attention and will be the focus for the next three months.

We will take a hard look at someone who’s pretty important to your business…your clients + customers! This is a big one {obviously}, so it gets a little extra love and attention and will be the focus throughout the mastermind

Getting, Keeping, + Loving your Customers Well Part One

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Time to Implement | Now we build it…together! This time will be spent taking everything you’ve mapped out and created to date and putting into the CRM you’re currently using or choosing to implement.

Time to Learn | What do I do now that I have all of the processes documented and my templates in place? 

Time to Implement | You guessed it ~ this session will be all about identifying, creating, and fine tuning the templates we use in our business over and over again {proposals, contract agreements, invoices, emails, booking appointments, + more}.

Time to Learn | Which templates do I actually need? How do I create them by working smarter, not harder?

If You Build, It They Will Come

Templates, Templates, and More Templates

We will dive into the literal lifesaver that is a CRM ~ utilizing all the tools + potential it has to offer.

Getting, Keeping, + Loving your Customers Well Part  Two

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Time to Implement | You'll focus on how workflows can be used in YOUR business to keep the back-end operations running smoothly. We'll identify which software options can make your life easier, and then take everything you've built for a test drive to make sure it's in working order.

Time to Learn | How do I connect all the moving parts of my business to find more sanity for myself + achieve growth? 

Connecting All the Things {with a side of SEO}

Time to Implement | Set up the necessary workflows for your own business + automate processes to keep customers satisfied ~ while keeping your sanity.

Time to Learn | What are the basics of a workflow? How can I improve efficiency by using them? Which operations CAN + SHOULD be automated and which still need a human touch?

Go with the {Work}Flow

We will explore KEEPING customers {without spinning your wheels} by leveraging the power of automation.

Getting, Keeping, + Loving your Customers Well Part  Three

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Time to Implement | Prepare for the end of year push. We list out what we’re already doing, what we need to do, and action steps for in-between.

Time to Learn | How do I leverage the power of goal setting {personally + professionally} and make a plan to actually achieve what I’m striving for?

Dream Big in Q4

Time to Implement | Examine your existing systems, budget + space. We’ll brainstorm what pieces of your business need adjustments at this point.

Time to Learn | How do I evaluate what I’ve implemented so far and what areas might need to be tweaked to meet my quarter goals?

Resetting All the Things

We will take the time to pause, recenter, and gear up for the planning for each quarter of the year

Reset withPlanning


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Time to Learn | How do I make sure my clients/customers feel appreciated while wrapping up any loose business ends for the year?

Time to Implement | Follow up with any connections + devise a plan to celebrate holidays with your customers. 

Time to Implement | Plan what the next few months look like ~ we do another brain dump of all the to-do’s/dreams + organize them into something realistic and doable!

Time to Learn | What are different strategies to approach the holidays for me and my business, including taking {much needed} time off? 

The Final Push to the Finish Line

Dreaming + Prepping + Planning for End of year

We will dig in to prepare for some of the busiest upcoming months of the year. 

End of Year Planning

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Time to Implement | We’re going to take our business on a Dream Date by using the tools + systems we’ve put in place to create a vision and set goals. How are you going to get there? Dream it…and then make it happen one small step at a time ~ KISS {keep it sweet + simple}

Time to Learn | What is the best approach to auditing my business in all areas {including lingering to-dos}? 

We will learn about taxes and auditing in your business

Dreaming + Doing  in  stressful  times

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2023 dreaming + doing

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Destin in December
2023 Retreat

While there isn't a mastermind on the books for December, we are definitely creating some really fun opportunities for you to continue dreaming + doing this month! 

Interested in some time away to rest + recharge...and even get a jump on 2024?

How about a fun get together with other like-minded women to dream + celebrate?

A Month Designed for Dreaming + Resting

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inside the implementation mastermind, you'll find...

- The Pink Elephant Home

“If you're launching a business or need to fine-tune your existing business, do not hesitate to work with Brooke! She's a great listener, a fast study of your particular business, and quick to implement processes that make your day-to-day super-efficient.”

What you can expect

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Start your journey to building a sustainable back-end operation system + grow your business!


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Are you ready to stop simply surviving in business and start thriving?

KNOWLEDGE {AKA the “learning” part} 
You could spend hours upon hours researching something. I know you’re capable of that. But let’s work smarter, not harder.

TIME {AKA the “doing” part}
This is the most precious commodity of any business owner! The second half of the workshop is time set aside for you to implement what we’ve learned + discussed RIGHT NOW. No more “I’ll do it when I have more time.” ~ because we all know how that story ends...

ACCOUNTABILITY {AKA the “doing it together” part}
In each session, not only do you have accountability partners literally right there, but we will also come up with a plan for AFTER each workshop to help you stay on course.


My mission is to not only give you the tools + guidance, but the opportunity to put pen to paper {or fingers to keyboard} and implement strategies that will move the needle forward in your business!





Let’s Do It!

monthly autopay

15 minute 1:1 consult with Brooke available during work time of each session

Consulting + tech support during work time for each session

Pastries + lunch will be provided {+ coffee…can’t forget the coffee}

How To lessons during each session related to the topic(s)

Snag your seat for the upcoming month{s} workshop

Let's Do It!

One Time Payment
of $600.00

Consulting + tech support during work time for each session

Pastries + lunch will be provided {+ coffee…can’t forget the coffee}

How To lessons during each session related to the topic(s)

Snag your seat for the upcoming Implementation Workshop Mastermind



15 minute 1:1 consult with Brooke available during work time of each session


Bonus: {1} additional 60-minute 1:1 coaching consult with Brooke to use throughout the duration of the current mastermind cohort

One Time Payment
of $600.00

One Time Payment
of $600.00

I know I need structured time + accountability in order to reach the next level of success in my business {and life}.

I'm tired of feeling like an employee in my business and not the CEO. I'm ready to run my business instead of it running me.

I'm an ambitious dreamer {+ a doer} with plans to start and/or grow a business that will allow me to live the life I long for ~ and I'm ready to roll up my sleeves to do the work that will build the foundation to get me there.

I'm a stressed out female entrepreneur who is finally ready to streamline the back-end operations of my business.

Is this style of mastermind for me?

Can I attend virtually?

Unfortunately, not this go-round, friend! This is an in-person event hosted in the Indianapolis area.
While I LOVE technology and all it can do...we want to see faces in person and butts in seats to get the work done. 😉

Do I have to attend ALL THREE sessionS?

Not at all ~ but you probably will want to! Plus, you can lock-in our launch price of $200/session by signing up for the beta launch.

What are the days/times for each workshop? 

Workshops will be held from 10am - 3pm on three Friday's ~ September 22nd, October 20th, and November 18th.  

What types of topics will be covered?

Every session/month will have its own focus to cover ALL the things. This ranges from tools + technology to the client journey and all things marketing! 

What does a typical workshop session look like?

Great question ~ and in true Enneagram 3 fashion…I have the details. Each session will include pastries {+ coffee!} while we do introductions, an education + resources segment, lunch {provided by AD+AD!} + plenty of time for implementation with an optional 1:1 consult with me, and wrap up time for commitments and Q&A for any lingering comments or questions.

I HAVE A QUESTION before I commit...

Do I have to be an established business owner to participate in the workshop?

Nope! In fact, if you're new to this whole running a business thing, you’ll be ahead of the curve by investing in your back-end organization prior to opening or launching.

— stage2 marketing

"Her guidance and suggestions helped make Stage2 a more productive and effective team."

Hey, friend! Brooke here. After 17 years living that corporate life, I followed my heart’s calling and founded A Dreamer + A Doer. All things business operations is the name of my game, and I’m grateful every day to be able to use my experience, passion, and talents to come alongside women in business + in life to help them live out their own dreams. I can’t wait to sit across the table from you and get to know you + your business!

Meet the heart behind this operation

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